Why Vizicom?

Leveraging the latest advancements in real time communications, video, web and mobile technologies, Vizicom supports these personal customer interactions through their Virtual VIP Shopping Experience and Workflow Optimization Suite solutions supporting e-commerce, contact center, customer service and workflow optimization applications that enable high impact and consistent interactive experiences across multiple channels.

Virtual VIP Shopping Experience

Vizicom’s Virtual VIP Shopping Solution allows retailers to provide an elevated and compelling in-store customer service and sales experience in an e-commerce environment. It’s unique, next generation e-shopping experience allows customers on web or mobile devices to interact with your product experts and sales personnel. Turbo charge the shopping experience through highly interactive guided shopping from initial contact to checkout, using live video and product related media including imagery, documents, tutorials and video demonstrations. Reduce customer abandonment, form relationships and improve your average ticket while giving millions of potential customers your in-store unique sales experience with Vizicom.

Workflow Optimization Suite

Vizicom’s Workflow Optimization Suite is a software and services suite that allows enterprises, call centers, healthcare organizations and financial firms to incorporate WebRTC powered Real Time Communications and web collaboration into enterprise systems and business processes. Whether it’s helpdesk improvement, supply chain optimization, customer service or patient discharge in a hospital, Vizicom enables its customers to enhance mission critical processes, provide a quantifiable ROI and improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

Mission: to bring visually rich, high-definition communications to entrepreneurs, enterprises and organizations.

Vision: leverage the increasing availability of access to video to enable personal interactions, selling and serving by bringing the latest embedded real time communications technologies to our customers.

Markets: corporate communications, branding, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, m-commerce and media horizontally, with initial focus on retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, education, entertainment and customer service.


  • Enables experts to interact with the customer through real time two way video
  • Provides multimedia content push to customers such a video clips and images
  • Screen linking that enables agents. see and control the customer’s screen actions
  • Co-browsing, screen sharing and annotation capabilities (Q4/14)
  • Contextual information capturing a the user experience such as user profiles, average spending, abandonment rate, and more
  • Call routing based on agent availability


  • Promote growth and boost revenues, capture more sales at the point of purchase
  • Reduce customer abandonment while improving average sale size
  • Enhance mobile strategies by adding video and collaboration functionality to make existing applications more interactive, allowing customers to collaborate with experts
  • Experience: use immersive video and collaboration capabilities to deliver personalized access to experts everywhere.
  • Provide a differentiated customer experience
  • Use intelligent routing capabilities to deliver personalized access to experts anywhere.
  • Centralize groups of experts and accept calls video-enabled channels to make better use of corporate expertise.

Our Team

Jeffrey Singman


Jeff Singman is founder and President of Vizicom. A serial entrepreneur, after having worked for and served many Fortune 500 companies in the areas of media, software, technology, web, mobile and e-commerce, Jeff created Vizicom to bring end-to-end next generation, real time communications products and services to businesses. Jeff also runs Tri Mil Consulting, an advisory firm helping companies establish clear business goals that lead to focused marketing initiatives, product development and revenue generation activities. He is creative, while also focused on execution and go-to-market, and is expert at connecting people and ideas with resources, processes and ecosystems that accelerate success as change itself accelerates. Jeff’s experiences cross IT, security, telecom and software, with depth in industries including media, entertainment, financial, and healthcare verticals.
Prior to establishing TriMil then Vizicom, Jeff was COO, Bright Sky Holdings & GM, Media Commerce Systems, a technology incubator focused on advanced digital software solutions in the digital advertising market. In this role, Jeff managed all operational aspects of the company’s go to market activities, software and product development. He introduced automation and transaction systems supporting advanced advertising initiatives including dynamic ad-insertion on video-on-demand. Jeff served as General Manager, North America, for IP Trade, advanced IP enabled multimedia turret and telecom solutions for the financial markets. For Lucid Security, Jeff was SVP and COO, leading this provider of advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems to its sales to Trustwave Inc., an industry leader in the PCI market. Prior to this, Jeff was SVP, Moneyline Networks, heading up product management, resulting in the sale of the business to Reuters Inc. Jeff was a pioneer in conferencing and IP video as VP & General Manager, Conferencing for Global Crossing, managing a staff of 650 people, 5 global call centers and a multi-million dollar P&L. Customers included 68% of the Fortune 100 and 38% of the Fortune 1000 companies, with $172M in revenue.
Jeff started his career at NBC, the National Broadcasting company, where he grew up in the ranks from 1985 – 2000, ultimately leading digitization initiatives for this major national US network as Director, Engineering and Strategic Development.

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Scott Kidder


Scott Kidder is the Chief Technology Officer at Vizicom. An early adopter of open standards computing and development, Scott has been innovating on the web for over a decade, supporting entrepreneurs to large global enterprises, working with creative agencies and software companies, and integrating voice, data and video applications into web and mobile user experiences that enhance the value of real time interactions. As a freelance developer, Scott has been active in developer communities exploring and contributing to open source platforms, and has brought his skills, experience and vision to clients including Nectar Corporation, GENBAND, fring, IP Trade SA, Toy Genius, X-Factor Communications, AnthroTronix, Brain Vitals, EUS Networks, sipIQ, and non-profits including The Noori Foundation Afghanistan, Raising Cane Farms, and Resurrecting Lives. He has worked closely with agency partners including Artin Arts, Canar Advisors, and KAIROS Strategic Consulting.
Scott is skilled in Web Development and programming working in HTML, CSS, Javascript, WebSockets, AJAX, SXML, JSON, Unix, Apache and more. Scott is one of the first developers in the world to create solutions using WebRTC, expert in that domain (bridging telco and the web) and HTML5, PHP, SQL, Nginx, Roundcube and WordPress.

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John Bloomer


John Bloomer is Vizicom’s EVP of Sales and Marketing. A seasoned commercial and technical business leader, having served in a variety of C-level roles including CEO, Managing Director, CIO and CTO in Global 1000 companies, SMBs and start-ups, most recently John managed programs and drove business growth at 4Xor and TransformaCon. John has a deep background in healthcare information technology, service as CTO and CIO at Virtua Health and New Hanover Regional. John and team built program management offices, reorganized staff, replaced clinical and revenue systems for acute, emergency and ambulatory care environments, deployed community EMRs and deployed in-home monitoring systems to quantitatively improve patient outcomes and profitability.
As Global MD for Novar’s Building Automation Product Development, now a Honeywell Division, John led a group of over 300 engineers worldwide to rationalize and double the vitality of the embedded hardware, cloud software and services products in under three years. He gained a wealth of product development, operational and technology business experience across over a decade of leading General Electric divisions – from CTO at NBC Cable to CIO at Colonial Penn to Director of Product Development at Harris Controls where he built a deep toolkit aligning and optimizing processes and IT systems with businesses. For many years, John served as a Staff Scientist at GE’s Global Research and Development Center. He is an international speaker, author and inventor with deep domain knowledge in healthcare, insurance, media and medical imaging.

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Henry Terefenko


Henry Terefenko is EVP, Technical Operations, for Vizicom, and started playing with software early in his career, as a pioneer in game development and chat, having been one of the creators of PlayNet, which later became a part of America on Line (AOL). Since then, Henry has been leading software development teams spanning industries from advertising and media to education and public safety, from healthcare to financial services. Henry has deep experience in nearly every protocol and programming language in modern times, including SCTE-30, MPTS, SPTS, SD, HD, MPEG2, H.264, C++, Windows, Linux, XML (TCP), SOAP, XRPS, PHP and RSTP, multiple audio codecs and dozens of APIs.
Henry is highly regarded for his visionary work in Video on Demand (VOD) and IP-TV, integrating set top boxes, servers, computers and mobile applications, live streaming, and massive back-end systems. Henry enjoyed his time at Disney Corporation developing Java based web applications, using WebSphere with a DB2 database to improve optimization of hotel rooms, tied into third party systems including Travelocity. Prior to that, Henry layered web services to help Walmart control the environment in over 3,000 stores using an Object Relational engine he designed, after assignments running an engineering group for Enron Broadband, building medical process-driven software for a start-up in the late 1990s, and experiences at GE R&D (NBC Desktop Video development), Lockheed Martin, Tandem Computer, Bank Boston, and Key Corp.

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